During the pandemic, Friends of Attention approached me to create an interpretive film based on the Twelve Theses on Attention. They drafted the theses as a call for the creation of 'attentional sanctuaries', spaces to foster a new politics of astonishment and care. I worked closely with the curators to implement a process of virtual hangouts with other filmmakers from all over the world, and discuss what attention meant to us in our respective cultures. 
I collaborated with of the curators, Lane Stroud, to produce two films as an interpretation of number 11 and 12 of the theses. We met through numerous virtual sessions, to discuss our free association, writing, and storyboarding. I incorporated my personal digital animation style with Lane's vérité filmmaking and drone shots from around the world. The end result produced a juxtaposition between binary systems and tangible textures; both a micro and macro lens on our skull-sized kingdoms. 
Music accompaniment was produced in collaboration with Tyler Wolff.
The short film series premiered at Glasgow International in 2021, and I still meet regularly with the collective to discuss “attention” in various subjects. In the most recent exercise, we worked with a professional “nose” to explore the significance of oratory function in memory and presence.
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